Six Key Advantages of Waterproofing a Basement

Published: 21st November 2011
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Not nearly enough homes are waterproofed each year. A primary reason for why so many choose not to waterproof is due to the costs. After taking into consideration the costs of decreased property value because of water damage, there should really be no other choice than to waterproof. In fact, there are many benefits of waterproofing a basement.

Keeping the investment safe

A home is a huge investment and keeping it safe reguires the homeowner to take measures to prevent damage. Basement waterproofing increases the home's worth and keeps the foundation safe from damage which helps in the future when it's time to sell the house.

People looking to buy a house will most likely not even consider a house with mold and mildew. Any good realtor will advise sellers to get water and foundation problems repaired long before trying to sell the house.

Secure the Home Itself

Structural damage happens when a home is exposed to an abundance of rain and other weather conditions. Failing to waterproof wooden surfaces can cause damage in the form of staining, rotting and mildew formation. The walls of a home can become damaged when pressure inside the walls creates cracks which leads to leaking.

Create extra space

Basements make up a big portion of a house's area. Properly waterproofing the basement can open up new areas for storage or utility purposes. Homeowners can add value to the home by using waterproofed basement space to make an additional bedroom, a family room to watch television or a rec room for the kids to have fun. All of this can be accomplished if the basement is dry, so waterproofing for extra space is a smart benefit.

Prevent health risks

A wet basement exists in humid conditions creating moisture which results in mildew and mold formation on the walls, floors and other surfaces of the basement. People with allergies or other respiratory concerns are at much risk when they live in a home with fungi growing on the walls and surfaces. The solution to health problems of this nature is to properly seal the basement. Homeowners with dry basements do not experience mold problems. They do not have damaged furniture and floors, and the reason is because they have taken steps to reduce moisture and keep water from seeping in.

No pests inside

Many homeowners have no idea that bugs are living in their basements because the dampness there is perfect. Certain insects like termites, cockroaches, waterbugs and other annoyances thrive in damp areas and seek those homes out for living quarters. Pests make more pests in wet basements creating a huge problem for the homeowner and to the foundation of the home.

Rest assured

Homeowners with dry basements are sleeping well at night, at least they're not worrying about water getting into their home and ruining precious contents or lower their home value. They also are able to go away for a few days, have fun and still come home to a secure foundation.

Although the process of waterproofing a basement can be costly, there is no doubt that doing the work early on is best. After years and years of water damage to a home, the owner may be left with a huge debt to fix the problem. Keeping a home safe from seepage and cracking is what responsible homeowners do and as a result see rewards and benefits for many years.


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